SporeSat Mission Dashboard

Mission Time

 47 Days In Orbit  

  Mission Phase
 Pre-Launch - 


 Launch / Deploy -


 Stabilization - Complete
 Health Checkout - Complete
 Experiment Phase - Complete
 Data Download Phase - Complete
  Extended Operations - Complete
  Satellite DeOrbit - June 4, 2014

Satellite Status

 Power Status - Nominal
 CPU Status - Nominal
 Temperature Status - Nominal
 S-Band Status - Nominal
 Beacon Status - Off
 Microgravity Status - Nominal
 Experiment Status - Completed

Science Data Download

Minimum Science Data Set Complete

Operational Notes

 Cmd Execution Rate - 28% overall
 De-Orbit - June 4, 2014
 # S-Band Tracks - 84
 # OSCAR Tracks - 17

Current Ground Segment Status

Control Nodes SCU Ops Center Operational
NRP Ops Center In Development
S-Band Stations SCU-A 3m Operational SporeSat  
SCU-B 3m Operational O/OREOS
SCU-C 4m Geo Standby for GOES ops
SCU Mobile In Test -  Ames OSCAR
NRP 3m/4.5m In Test
Amateur Stations  SCU-OSCAR Operational SporeSat  
  NRP-OSCAR Operational PhoneSat 2.5 
SCU-AutoReceive1 Operational SporeSat  
SCU-AutoReceive2 Operational PhoneSat 2.5 
SLU-AutoReceive Operational SporeSat  
PA-AutoReceive Operational Offline
WPI-AutoReceive Operational SporeSat  
BAY-AutoReceive Operational SporeSat  

SporeSat Program Web Site

Beacon Packet Submission Site


Featured Photos

SporeSat Mission Patch.  Winning entry from a multi-university competition
SpaceX Dragon Mission Patch
Operations team makes first contact with SporeSat-1

On-orbit mission control for the NASA SporeSat  mission is being provided by the students, staff and faculty of Santa Clara University's Robotics Systems Laboratory.

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